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The Cosmic Journey Oracle

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The Cosmic Journey Oracle
The Cosmic Journey OracleПод заказ, 28 дней
750 грн.
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This oracle is the most fun and profound deck of cards you've ever known. Connect your head, heart and highest self, and get ready to blast off to parts unknown.

On this cosmic journey, you will discover how to recognize (and understand) the signs and symbols the Universe is sending you to try and get your attention. Each card of this powerful oracle deck offers:

- a mystical message to answer your questions
- a powerful journal prompt to help you dig deeper into the concept
- a cosmic action to help you move forwards on your journey

The Cosmic Journal takes the serious and convoluted out of card reading and injects your spiritual journey with fun, magic and wonder. It is a unique experience that taps into the energy of the universe and your own intuition to bring forth new answers to your heart's deepest questions.

Состав: 55 карт + книга
Язык: английский
Размер упаковки: 9,9 х 3,8 х 13,7 см
Производитель: Hay House Inc
ISBN-13: 9781401959487

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  • Цена: 750 грн.