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Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

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Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards
Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards
800 грн.
Под заказ, 28 дней
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100 % Оригинал!!!

This divination card deck brings empowerment and inspiration in tune with the rhythms of nature and the planet from the animal kingdom. Personally gleaned and intuited by Madeleine Walker as she traveled far and wide to meet and communicate with both wild species and domestic animals, these missives "whisper" the animals' tidings of love and compassion and dispatch their greatest wish - for humanity to find reempowerment so we can finally integrate into interspecies unification. Daily usage of different animal cards enables access to profound messages that pinpoint current, troublesome life situations and foster renewed self-belief and release of self-doubt. Reproductions of the 45 lavishly illustrated cards and expanded interpretations contained in the companion booklet further enhance the experience.

Состав: 45 карт + буклет
Язык: английский
Размер карт: 
Размер упаковки: 13 x 3 x 18.7 см
Производитель: Findhorn Press
ISBN-13: 9781844095957

  • Цена: 800 грн.